We work together according to one vision, to ensure optimum utilization of our petroleum resources.

Our vision

Our vision is that Sirte is committed to being a distinguished company, and competes with international companies

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Our mission

Our mission is to continuously improve the company’s performance to ensure optimal utilization of the petroleum resources under its supervision.

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Company overview

It is one of national oil companies which is wholly owned by the National Oil Corporation (N.O.C.), headquartered in Marsa Al Brega

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Liquidised and Natural Gas (LNG) Plant

The extraction of liquified and natural gas and naphtha and the  associated gas, to produce natural gas. LNG and liquefied petroleum gas and naphtha (cooking gas).

Plant design capacity 550 million standard cubic feet per day

About 25 million standard cubic feet per day are removed in the processing unit as an acid gas, and another 100 million cubic feet per day is used as a fuel in factory boilers.

The Refinery

The Brega Refinery was the first operational refinery in Libya which  started 04/12/1961.

The design’s capacity is 8,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

The refinery consists of two major sections:

Refining Section: This contains the Desalination Unit and 1 Hydro treatment Unit for fuel and one for Kerosene, with a  further unit for the improvement of benzene.

Storage Section and Shipment of Products: This is where the products are sent to the ships or to the storage of the Brega Company for Marketing Oil.

Company Concessions

Most of the company’s production of oil and gas are derived from three concessions in the Sirte Basin: 6, 20,149.

Lately, the company has been awarded many concessions within the Sirte sedimentary basins and Ghadames, Murzuk basins and maritime area in the Bengazi and Sabratha basins.  Sirte Oil Company has twenty-one (21) concessions and oil fields, to be developed for oil production. This, in turn, would enable the company to increase its production capacity of oil and gas.

The Methanol Plant.

Methanol is produced using natural gas produced from the company’s fields as a raw material. Methanol is a colorless transparent liquid with a characteristic smell and is flammable.  The most important uses of methanol is in the manufacture of many chemical compounds and the wood glue industry, as well as pharmaceuticals, plastics, paint and as a fuel in specific mechanisms, in addition to its use in the animal feed manufacturing process.

Production capacity of each methanol plant is 1000 metric tons per day, and most of the production is exported to overseas manufacturers.

Gas line.

Natural gas pipeline from Brega to Benghazi, Brega to Tripoli to the west and from Tripoli to Mellitah, which forms a giant, coastal system operated by SOC with high efficiency. This line was designed to supply gas to the following facilities:

Power stations, one iron and steel factory, cement plants, desalination plants, as well as to the two towns of Brega and Ras Lanuf and this line is the main artery of the industrial renaissance in Libya.

Company Oil and Gas fields:

Oil and gas are produced from seven (7) fields:

Zeltin – Al Raguba – Al Aheeb – Al Jebel – Al ralh – Al Rashed – Al Wadi

Also, natural is produced from the following fields:

Al Istiklal – Alhatibh – Al Sahl – Al Iradal – Al Muqbel – Asurah – Shimal Al Rashad

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